About Us

We are a group of people dedicated to providing the highest quality service and enabling the well-being ofeveryone.

We believe that dental care is essential for individuals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, we want to make quality dental care available to everyone.
Our Team

A growing team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Josh Kearney
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What's our Mission?

To make quality dental care affordable and accessible to everyone through modern technology and collaborative partner networks.

Healthy patients
Honest pricing
Quality dental providers
Creative Thinkers

What makes us different?

Our Culture

We strive to be upfront and honest about everything. We don't believe in making things unessecarily complicated.

To be high quality and simple takes serious thinkers. We challenge ourselves to be better everyday and provide the best possible service.
“Traditional insurance is frustrating and complicated. We made Toothly to simplify everything - while being affordable.”
Josh Kearney, Co-Founder


Having a set of core-values keeps our work on track. Anytime we are working on our service, we look back to these values.
Healthy patients
Honest pricing
Quality dental providers
Approachable Service

Keep it Simple

Seems obivous, right? But other dental care programs hide behind complicated terms and legal teams. We cut all that out and maintain a clear approach to giving everyone quality care.

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