Toothly Card is for everyone


Insurance for individuals is expensive and complicated.

With Toothly, you get the services you need at a price you can afford.
Charged annually
“Toothly saved me a lot of time and money dealing with hard to use insurance companies!”
Leslie W.


Give your employees the benefits they deserve!

Dental benefits can be a huge help when recruiting employees. Offer quality dental care without paying too much!
10+ employees
per month per employee
100+ employees
per month per employee

What you see is what you get.

With Toothly, we are all upfront with our prices. You pay your annual fee and everything else is clear. No guessing what your bill will be.

Coverage Limits
Waiting Period
Serious Savings

Save an average of 20% or more on all dental services

With Toothly you get deeply discounted rates on all dental services.

Is Toothly Really a Good Value?

Annual Cost
2 Dental cleanings
1 Filling*
60% + Deductible
Total Cost
up to $680
*Treatment rates vary by tooth and provider. A typical scenario was chosen for demonstration.

Common Questions

Where is Toothly offered?
We operate in Leon, Suwannee, and Taylor counties in Florida. We are expanding rapidly, so check back with us from time to time. Or send us an email and let us know where we should be offered!
Do you offer a monthly plan?
We do not offer a monthly payment.
What Dentists can I use?
We have a network of partner dentists in each area we are offered. When you register, you'll be paired with one automatically.
Are there lmitations on how many procedures I can get done?
Nope! With the one time annual fee, you can have as many procedures done at a discount as you want.
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